Learning Hebrew

All Praises be unto El-Elyon YAHUAH and His Ben Yahusha Ha-Mashiach, my name is Richard Lee, and I can only hope to serve Him and the body by these studies of the language of the prophets.

Let me begin by telling you that I do not know modern Hebrew. If your desire is to study the language so that you could converse with the citizens of 21st century Tel Aviv, these teachings will be of no value to you. However, if your intent is like mine, and you have a desire to be able to read and understand the ancient texts of the Bible, I hope that I can help.

Why study the Hebrew? You do not have to, no one requires it of you. But if you rely upon another person to translate the text into English for you, a number of things can happen. The translator will inevitably fail to convey the complex meaning of any Hebrew word into English. A Hebrew word has multiple meanings, more than one apply, but the translator only uses one puny English word, also, the letters that form Hebrew words have a huge amount of meaning also in themselves, and this meaning will ALWAYS be lost when translated, into any language. As a result, your understanding of the text at hand will be dimmed.

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