The Great Tribulation

I want to captivate your attention; therefore, Messiah will return on or before the year 2075 A.D. The theology, math, and the correct calendar tell us so! The theology is simple: there are 6000 years from Adam to the second advent of Messiah! The math is based upon a 360 day year which comes from the book of Enoch. The calendar that is correct is the Enoch Calendar. The Enoch calendar is currently the year 5948 A.M. (Anno Mundi) year of the world. Our Gregorian calendar is 75 years off! Not too bad considering we are talking of man recording 6000 years of history. The currently used Jewish calendar is also off by 164 years. The sages did that on purpose, in my opinion to deceive, but it's well documented that they are missing 164 years from their calendar. Their calendar is in the year 5783 in the 5th month currently, and will be 5784 in less than 2 months- which is 164 years behind the Enoch calendar. Also interesting is the year 2045 A.D. The New World Order/Religion run by the Globalists or Global Elites has a document called 'Agenda 2030' in this Artificial Intelligent ran program they have humanity ending in 2045 A.D. Due to Trans-humanism. There will be no more humans- they will all be part robot, part human, part demon, part animal? The Mayan calendar also ends in the year 2045 A.D. When calculated using the 360 day year! Also factor in our genius governments, controlled by the Elites, trying to teraform earth and literally destroy the planet so humans can't live here. Sequestering Carbon out of the Air, Blocking out the sun, and weather weapons whatever other destructive methods they use. If I was a gambling man I would put my money on the Messiah returning around 2045 A.D. The Messiah said that these days would be cut short otherwise no life would be saved. Take heed, keep on the alert; for you do not know when the appointed time is. Even so, when you see these things happening, recognize that He is near, right at the door!!!

Chapter 1

Timeline of Man / School of Elijah"

This is a Shmita year (5949 A.M.) ! This is the year of rest! Every 7th year we are to let the land rest. The following year will be the jubilee year. A jubilee year occurs every 50th year. Man was allotted 120 jubilee years. This next one will be the last one. 120 x 50 = 6000. No planting or tilling every 7 years.

The School of Elijah had an Epistle called the Tannah Eliyahu, now in the hands of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The Epistle teaches that human history would be divided into four ages:

Age of Chaos: Creation to year 2000 A.M.(Anno Mundi- year of the world)- Adam to the call of Abraham.

Age of Torah: 2000A.M. to 4000 A.M. - Call of Abraham to the First Coming of Messiah. Age of Grace: 4000 A.M. To 6000 A.M. - First Coming to the Second Coming of Messiah.

Millennial Reign: 6000 A.M. To 7000 A.M. - Messiah will reign as King and the Law will go forth from Zion, and the mortal will dwell with the immortal. There will be a resurrection of those beheaded in the great tribulation to reign with Messiah during the Millennial Reign- Rev.20:4-6 Very possibly these are the “dead in Messiah shall rise first” Paul mentions in 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

On the Enoch Calendar the year 5949 A.M. (2024 A.D.) would be the seventh year for the land needing to rest, known as the shmeeta year. 5950 A.M. (2025 A.D.) would be the last Jubilee year before the Messiah returns, given He returns sooner than the year 6000 A.M. For the sake of the elect! One jubilee year is 50 years and 120 jubilee years is equal to 6000 years. This is referenced to in Genesis 6:3 and Jubilees 5:8 his days shall be one hundred and twenty years (these are jubilee years). Based on Genesis 2:2-3 “In six days Yah made all the works of His hands and when He had finished, He rested on the seventh day and sanctified it”. Barnabas 15:4-7 This is a type of prophecy showing that in six thousand years Yah will bring all things to an end for a day is like a thousand years with Him. Therefore children in six days or in six thousand years all the prophesies will be fulfilled. Then it says He rested on the seventh day. This signifies at the Second coming of Yahusha He will destroy the Anti-Messiah, judge the ungodly, and change the sun, moon, and stars. Then He will truly rest during the Millennial reign which is the seventh day.” II Peter 3:8 “One day with Yahuah is as a thousand years.” Psalm 90:4 “For a thousand years in Thy sight are like Yesterday”.

So with the Messiah's anticipated return in 2075 A.D. That's not far away at all! As of now 51 years away! Who would have thought His return was so soon? Surely not I! If these days are cut short as Messiah says they will for the sake of the elect, just how short will they be cut? Also in Revelations it says He is returning to save the earth from those who seek to destroy it. It seems to me that His return may be sooner than the anticipated 6000 years. The Mayan calendar ends in 2045 A.D. When calculated using 360 day year as with the Enoch Calendar. Also these Global Elites have a document called Agenda 2030 where the end of humanity is in 2045 A.D. And the beginning of trans-humanism as the dominant or only race left. 2045 AD is not far away- as of now only 22 years away! I am keeping an eye out on Yom Teruah of 2045 AD. I don't know the hour or the day, but I'm wide awake, staying alert! Got oil in my lamp, trimmed the wick, and bought extra oil!!! This timeline plays into my understanding of the Tribulation being here and the Great Tribulation (mark of the beast) being on it's way!

The current mainstream calendar, used by the Jews and many believers trying to keep the Feasts, is missing 164 years!

The Enoch Calendar is in the year 5949 exactly 164 years ahead of the current year on the mainstream Jewish calendar. These 164 missing years lend more evidence to the accuracy of the Enoch Calendar. Just add your missing 164 years to their current calendar and you get the Enoch Calendar Year!

Ariel Tzadok “Visions of The End of Days” Page 104 “The standard dating of the destruction was 586 BCE. However according to classical Jewish chronology, the date of the destruction of the First Temple was 422 BCE. There is a period here of some 164 missing years.”

Get the Picture? Currently the mainstream Jewish calendar is missing one-hundred and sixty-four years! As a result the world isn't realizing how close to the year 6000 we are! One-hundred and sixty-four years is the exact difference between the accurate Enoch Calendar (Dead Sea Scroll Calendar), used by the Essenes of whom John the Baptist was a leader, and the present lunar calendar used by mainstream Judaism. It was common practice for the Head of the Essenes to have twelve disciples and for the leader to have thirty disciples. Exactly the number Yahusha and John had. I think John was actually in the true bloodline to be the next High Priest- I recall his dad Zechariah was the High Priest when he was told John would be born to prepare the way for the Messiah!

Ken Johnson “The Ancient Order of Melchizedek” Page 51 “In the Essene pattern, Jesus the Messiah had twelve disciples and John the Baptist, the lower teacher, had thirty disciples.”

Ken Johnson “Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar” Page 95 “The difference between these rabbis' calculations and the dates set forth in the Seder Olam is the famous 164 missing years. The author of the Seder Olam agrees with all other Jewish history books and keeps the correct number of years past the destruction of Solomon's Temple in 3338 AM, 587 BC. He then continues to give correct chronology and makes it clear who corrupted the calendar and when. This is one of the most well-known deliberate corruptions to the Jewish calendar by those who rejected the Messiah. We can skip all the corruption by switching to the AD/BC timeline at 587 BC.”

The Enoch Calendar is in the Year 5949 A.M. and the teachings that comes from the dead sea scrolls, from the Melchizedek document, and the School of Aliyahu (Elijah), and the Essenes. The year of the worlds recorded history of man since Adam is 5949 and the teaching says in the year 6000 the Messiah will return. And the Messiah himself told us those days would be cut short for the sake of the elect otherwise no one would survive. That means the tribulation is coming and the elect or the believers will be going through it. Yah help us!

The Disciple Making Pastor
Ken Jenkerson
11/26/2022 A.D / 09/07/5947 A.M.

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