Buckle Up! The Tribulation is Here! The Great Tribulation Awaits! The Powers of the Universe are on Display, For all who have eyes to see and ears to hear! The Spirit and the bride say come! Behold He cometh quickly! Prepare Ye The Way! The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make ready the way of Yah, make His paths straight! Come out of Babylon My people!!! Blow the Shofar, Sound the Alarm!!!

So just how quickly can we expect the Messiah to return? I dare say sooner than I ever imagined! I never imagined that I would live through the tribulation, but it’s here already and moving with great speed unlike anything we could imagine. The forced vaccination, which isn’t really a vaccination. Yes they (FDA) changed the definition of vaccination from Immunity to Protection, because these vaccines don’t provide immunity, they are not really vaccines, just this year 2021 they did this! This is obviously a pre-cursor to the Mark of The Beast- it’s already that way for some in other parts of the world. Please Don’t take the Death Jab. These Shots are not for the benefit of anyone’s health. Rather they are the tools of Biological warfare! Yes, good people of the World- We are at WAR!!! The War on Humanity is here! The Devil wants to Kill, Steal, and Destroy!!! I am all for Science and proven vaccines! I am for life, pro-life, pro-human. I love America, the land that I love, the only land I have known; but our Demise is certainly here. Even if there were a civil war or an uprising of overthrowing our evil government officials; I don’t think all of them are individually evil but as a whole it’s Evil, if there were a civil war before the winter of 2022 A.D. I don’t think it will work as far as altering the fulfilling of prophecy laid out in Revelation and Daniel and Matthew and Zechariah and Enoch. I think America is the second beast in Revelation 13:11, and Rome is the first beast in Romans 13:1. Maybe Rome is the iron in the 4th kingdom mentioned in Daniel and America is the clay. Maybe America will be able to have a refuge city or state for the unvaccinated, but I don’t think so. This New World Order, One World Government is going to be the most tyrannical and destructive force of nature known to mankind’s history. It’s being ran thru the United Nations as the Head, but the money comes from various sources like the Pope, Jesuits, Vanguard, Blackrock, Bush, Queen of England the Royal Family, Prince Charles, the Rothchilds, Rockafellers, Morgan, Kissinger, etc. who did I leave out? Vanguard and Blackrock own everything in America, and those families are the private shareholders of Blackrock and Vanguard. These people make up what’s called the Builder Berg Commission and the Foreign Relations Committee. Klause Schwab is the president of the BBC and he is a main speaker for the NWO. A bunch of rich people who get together every couple of years to determine how they will rule the world!


Make no mistake about it friends, America is at WAR!!! We are at war with our own government. Watch out, once they remove “Separation of Church and State” which they are trying to do now! They will make us like Rome in doing so! They will then enforce a “Sunday only” Worship Law and when we Sabbath Keepers don’t go along they will kill us. When the worldly, unreligious people don’t go along they will die. They are bringing in Digital Drivers licenses with our Vaccination Records and Social Credit Score on them. There will be no way to buy sell or trade with out bowing down and taking the Vaccination. Which is nothing more than MRNA- DNA gene altering gene therapy, Nano bite technology meant to remove the Name of YAHU written in your DNA and alter you. They are Spike Proteins! They cause many health problems, blood clotting and heart attacks amongst the blatant common ones! They put baby stem cells from aborted babies in these shots! They can put luciferase in them which causes the skin to glow, They want to use 5g to connect to us through Wi-Fi. 5G penetrates the skin it’s bad for us and will cause cancers. 5G will put us in a microwave and cook us. We won’t even need the smart phone to have internet connections! They actually want us all hooked up to their Artificial Intelligence Brain (main CPU) within 9 years! The way I spell Anthony Fauci M.D. in Hebrew equals 666! He definitely is an evil man. If I had to guess who is the actual Man of Sin to be revealed as the Anti-Messiah standing in the Sanctuary declaring himself the be the Creator, the Abomination of Desolation. I would not be surprised if Obama resurfaces as the Head of the U.N. or the Head of the New World Order at least in our part in America. Using an English gematria Obama’s name equal 666 and has many relationships to evil. The latest news is about terraforming. Our government is building machines to suck the CO2 right out of the air and store it underground. Bill Gates also is funding putting some type of particles into the atmosphere to block out the sun. They want to destroy Crops and Photosynthesis. They have engineered global starvation by cutting off supply lines, shutting down truckers, shutting down oil lines, shutting down coal, and shutting down society in general with covid lockdowns. Australia is in dire straights cause the have no guns to defend themselves. Canada is making laws so you can’t speak out against vaccines, or you go to prison. China is threatening to take Taiwan. The world is in a mess with astronomical consequences coming. So, we are at War with our government. Every nation is at war with their own governments. Our governments are trying to implement the New World Government. We are at war with our own government, and we are at war with the New World Government!


We are at war with China. The Chinese government has a 40 year plan to destroy America. The next step on their plan which coincides with the NWO plan, is Crisis. So the Crisis that has been engineered is food shortage and it is coming. When they stopped making coal this year they impacted the Fertilizer which is tied into the Coal. No Fertilizer for farmers next year, along with the Supply line shortage created by our government- Scientists are saying our Food Supply might not recover until 2024 and that’s not going to be true if they commence with terraforming. I honestly think we are being controlled by China already. It feels like communist China to me anyway. There is no free Speech in this country, if you can shut down President Trump when he is president, then there is no more free speech. Big Tech manipulates their social media platforms, and they are backing the NWO plans. You can’t speak out against Vaccines, Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Lies. You can only spread misinformation and lies nowadays. The Media in America is just like in China! Yes our Media is owned by these rich pricks. Fox sometimes has some descent news with Tucker, but you have to go to Independent News Reporters to get the truth nowadays! A lot of media disinformation and information wars going on! Mike Adams is the founder of brighteon.com a YouTube replacement platform. On brighteon.com you can browse channels go to Info Wars with Alex Jones, or HRR (Health Ranger Report) with Mike Adams. There are others out there, but you can’t trust CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS etc. the mainstream media is all owned by BlackRock and Vanguard! China is threatening to take Taiwan if they do World War 3 will break out Cause We need Taiwan so does Japan and many other countries. China may even invade America with troops. After we kill each other off this winter because of starvation and freezing. They could bomb us or emp knock out our power grid. If they do invade us, I think they will wait until we are in a much worse position than we are at the moment in November of 2021. But China has troops in Mexico and in Canada which to me says they will invade. Maybe they will help the U.N. Military that I’m sure will be here at some point. What is with all the FEMA camps in America with millions of stackable coffins in place and guillotines. Yes they plan on rounding us up and putting us in FEMA camps, just like Auschwitz only a larger scale. The One World Government will be responsible for the death of billions. Thanks to Bill Gates and Fauci these death shots will kill many. The ones who refuse will at some point be taken to FEMA and murdered for not being in compliance to an evil tyrannical reign of the Devil on Earth!


We are in a Spiritual War. Yes we are! Lets see if we can determine where in Revelations we might be! Lets start with the Enochian Calendar. First of all if you have limited yourself to only reading the bible, as I did for many years, then you need to recognize that there are books that were left out of the bible because of hidden agendas! If the book of Enoch, Jubilees, or the Testament of the Patriarchs were in our bibles, then we would know that the Lunar Calendar is a sinful fallacy. We would know that the calendar the Jews use today is in FACT wrong! There is more Christian doctrine in Enoch than all the New Testament put together, there is more Christian doctrine in the Testament of the Patriarchs then in the NT. People READ the Dead Sea Scrolls at least!!! The Sons of Darkness (lunar calendar) lose to the Sons of Light (Solar Calendar) in the end times battle- just read the War Scrolls! I imagine Eternity will be a lifetime of learning! Why not start learning His Ways Now! The Ways of Christianity are not His!!! Christianity has one thing right that I see- they have the heart issue right! It’s a heart issue- The Father is searching our hearts not our minds. Most of us probably are wrong in our ways because His ways are not our ways. I’ve been trying to learn His ways for a lifetime and I probably still don’t have much of anything right from a knowledge standpoint. It’s about a relationship with the Father and this Christianity has right and it might be the main issue anyway! His people perish for a lack of knowledge of Torah! If you can’t prove it in the Scriptures, then you have no proof! Where did Yah change the Sabbath from the 7th to the 1st day? I can show you who and where it was changed! It was the Catholic Church my friends around 300 A.D.- we have inherited lies from our Fathers! In the last days 10 men will grab the garment of a Jew and say let us go with you for we have heard that Yah is with you. The real war is spiritual. It’s a war for your soul. No soul who takes the Mark of the Beast will spend eternity with Yah! The enemy is looking to devour us but the battle belongs to Yahuah! It’s not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of Yah! We just worship Yah and obey singing glory and honor power and strength to Yahuah. Let the Salvation of Yah be revealed! Don’t let the devil creep into your heart!


The Enoch Calendar is in the year 5946 exactly 164 years ahead of the current year on the mainstream Jewish calendar. These 164 years. The standard dating of the destruction was 586 BCE. However according to classical Jewish chronology, the date of the destruction of the First Temple was 422 BCE. There is a period here of 164 years! Get the Picture? Currently Jews are lying, or they are deceived themselves, about the date of the calendar by 164 years, the exact difference between the accurate Enoch Calendar (Dead Sea Scroll Calendar) used by the Essenes of who John the Baptist was the leader; and the present lunar calendar used by mainstream Judaism. It was common practice for the Head of the Essenses to have 12 disciples and for the leader to have 30 disciples. Exactly the number Yahusha and John had. I think John was actually in the true bloodline to be the next High Priest- I recall his dad Zechariah was the High Priest when he was told John would be born to prepare the way for the Messiah! The Enoch Calendar is in the Year 5946 A.M. and the theology that comes from the dead sea scrolls from the Melchezidek document and the School of Aliyahu (Elijah), and the Essenes. The year of the world is 5946 and the theology says in the year 6000 the Messiah will return. 54 years away from the return of the Messiah! When I first came across this material around 2018, I had never before that thought that I would be around for the end of days. And then the corona virus hit and now the real disease is here the mark of the beast in the form of a vaccine! If this Enoch Calendar and theology is correct then we have about 54 years of this persecution to endure. After the events of late with the Corona Virus and the emergence of the Mark of the Beast and the New World Order looking to take over; I can now imagine that 54 years seems a long ways away and maybe the year 2032 is a more ideal timeline. In 54 years it will be 2075 A.D. or 2000 years ago the second temple was destroyed in Jerusalem by Rome. So, what if the theology is off and it’s not based on the destruction of the temple but the death of Messiah in 2032. Maybe their Dead Sea Scroll Enochian Calendar is off a little. I don’t think so! I think their calendar is right, I think their theology is right, I think the Messiah might return sooner than the 6000 Years to Save mankind from total annihilation. He says those days would be cut short if not, no life would have been saved! So where are we at in the book of Revelation and what happened to the rapture? I wonder what the Rapture Preachers are saying now- I hope by now they see the error of their doctrine and are beginning to teach truth rather than misleading the sheep with misinformation telling them peace when destruction is nigh! Buckle up friends the only ones getting taken away are the evil ones- I’m inheriting this planet!!! More than that my inheritance is the writings of the Patriarchs from Enoch to Jacobs sons this is my inheritance! Torah, the Messiah is my inheritance. I am His and He is mine! The Rapture gives a false pretense that we will be caught up into the heavens without dying and without going through the tribulation. But the New Testament says it is appointed unto every man to die once and then the judgment. Sorry guys no free passes, we all must face death; hopefully on the other side we will be able to say where is your sting O Death! The Rapture theology can leave one unprepared to go through the tribulation and bitter for having been lied too.


Revelations 4:1 talks of John being called up to heaven, and I have heard many a preacher teach that this is the rapture and that the sequence in Revelations is in chronological order. Well guess what? Yep they were wrong, in my opinion! I think we are in Revelations 6 so what happened to the rapture in chapter 4?


Revelations 6 - The 4 horses! I think the first horse already came. I think the second horse is currently here now and men will slay one another beginning this winter if not shortly thereafter. Just what I think, I have been wrong before! So I think The first horse, the white horse, the conquering one showed up on the scene and not everybody recognized him! I think it very well could have been Obama. Many Bible Scholars conclude that the Anti-Messiah is Muslim and will control the Muslim army in the end to come against Jerusalem in the final battle and while Jerusalem is being destroyed and all seems hopeless- the true Aleph Tav Messiah will appear and destroy the armies of evil and lock up the Devil for 1,000 years! I can see this being Obama. My wife’s aunt dreamt that Obama was the Anti-Messiah back when he was first became President of the U.S.A. I’ve no reason to doubt her, she truly has a connection with the Father. So what if it isn’t him, maybe it was the new world order making their move on us with the Covid Lock Down Restrictions that are still in effect in some places. I know I sure felt conquered. Curfews, couldn’t travel except for Essential work; I’m surprised they let us go grocery shopping. How easy would it be for them to cut off the trucking industry that trucks food to everyone in the U.S.


I Think the second horse, the red horse, the horse of war is here now and could be identified as the vaccine. It’s a death shot! They have declared war on us and our children. 28 million children are getting a shot that we are consenting too, this is outrageous! Hitler is going to look like a saint compared to the Eugenics, Sterilization, DNA altering nano tech they are distributing through these vaccinations of biological warfare. We have been set up to kill one another from starvation which our governments have engineered. Revelation 6:4 “Men will slay one another” – that’s the red horse of war! World Starvation is on the way! Also don’t forget bill gates is now going to be putting nano particles into our food and want to eliminate real meat at some point.


Oh wait that’s the third horse, Famine! The third horse, Famine, the black horse Revelation 6:6 “A quart of wheat for a days wage, and three quarts of barley for a days wage, and do not harm the oil and the wine!” Famine is coming do what you can to prepare for the short and long run! Time to start planting trees, tilling the garden, building green houses, plant a perennial garden! Do what you can to be self sufficient in food. Learn how to can your food and preserve it.


The fourth horse is death, on an ashley sickly pale horse. The ashen horse has a rider named Death and Hades was following with him and authority over ¼ of the earth is given to kill with sword, famine, pestilence, and wild beasts. These horses are referred to as seals, that was the first four seals. The fifth seal is Martyrs which looks like will be the case for the unvaccinated! The unvaxed will be forced out of society to survive and many will be martyrs. They will round us up and throw us in Fema Camps here in America just like they are doing in Australia and New Zealand right now. If we don’t co-operate and be re-educated then off to the guillotines. Or maybe they will just lie to us and tell us there is food there and as desperate as we will be to eat we will go. Have the resolve of Daniels friends- Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah “Even if Yah does not deliver us, still we will not bow down to your false god”. I think these will be the Elect and the Righteous. Unless these overall days of tribulation and great tribulation are cut short not even the Elect will survive! I interpret the Righteous and the Elect mentioned in Enoch and the New Testament as 2 groups. The elect are in relationship with the Creator but their ways are wrong, they don’t have proper knowledge. The righteous are those who are in relationship with the Father and know His ways not only through Torah but through Oral Torah. Their ways are Yahs ways. I think there are 2 righteousness! One that comes from keeping the commandments of Torah- Luke 1:7. One that comes from grace freely given by the Messiah. The sixth seal is that of terror! You will know you when we are here because its astronomical! The Sun will become black and the moon like blood, stars will fall to the earth, every mountain and island will be moved out of their places!!! Men will hide themselves in the caves and rocks of the mountains and say to the rocks and mountains Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand!!! I think it’s interesting that Bill Gates has a terraforming project of shooting particles into the atmosphere to blacken out the sun! Gates also wants to set up machines in North America that will suck the CO2 right out of the Air, which will cause life to die on the planet. Surely we will be able to recognize that sign and seal number 6! It starts off with a great earthquake which could be a reference to the Chinese making an earthquake to cause a tsunami that can wipe out the East Coast of America, which some say they are currently trying to do.


In Revelation 7 there is a remnant of Israel 144,000 sealed and a multitude from the tribulation- this chapter gives me great hope for the people! I think these are the righteous who know Yah and His True Ways and Keep them. I think they are the Kabbalist. There is a multitude which no one could count from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues standing before the throne and before the Lamb and they fall on their faces and worship!!! A great multitude of us we win this battle, of course in order to win you may have to lose your life!


Revelation 8 is the seventh seal which contains the seven trumpets. The first is hail and fire mixed with blood, and a third of the earth is burn up, a third of the trees, and all the grass. The second trumpet is something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the se and a third of the sea became blood and a third of the creatures died and a third of the ships destroyed. The third is a great star falls from heaven burning like a torch it falls on a third of the rivers and the springs of water, the star is called wormwood, and a third of the waters became like wormwood, and many men died from the bitter waters. The fourth trumpet is a third of the sun and the moon and the stars are smitten so that a third of them might be darkened and the day might not shine for a third of it and the night in the same way.


Revelation 9 continues with the fifth trumpet. Locust come up out of the abys in the earth a bottomless pit and they have the power of scorpions, but they are told not to hurt the grass or any green thing nor any tree but only the men who do not have the seal of Yah on their foreheads. The locusts look like horses prepared for battle and on their heads crowns like gold and their faces were like the faces of men and they had hair like the hair of women and their teeth were like lions teeth with breastplate of iron and wings. I wonder if this has any relationship to CERN, and them attempting to make the god particle, using their star collider, slamming gasses and particles together trying to re-invent the big bang. I wouldn’t be surprised if CERN which is in Houston Texas but is a European Organization for Nuclear Research, opens a door to a different dimension and demons come through it into our world. The sixth trumpet is the four angels bound at the Euphrates are released to kill a third of mankind and their army is 200 million horsemen and the horses have tails like serpents with heads to do harm. Fire, smoke and brimstone proceeds out of their mouths.


Revelation 10 and 11 Here you get the two witnesses who show up! It is appointed unto every man to die once and then the judgment. Only two men I know of who have not died are Enoch and Elijah! I suspect they are the two witnesses. They have the power to make fire proceed from their mouth. They have the power to shut up the sky so no rain will fall. They have power to turn water to blood and to smite the earth with every plague. The beast that comes out of the abyss will kill them and after 3.5 days they resurrect for men to see and then go up to heaven in the clouds in that hour a great earthquake happens and 7,000 people die. The seventh trumpet honestly I’m not sure but it looks like this is the coming of the Kingdom of Yah it’s kind of vague to me anyway, along with Revelation 12. Revelation 12 part of it looks like what happened back in the beginning of time, when the devil fell from heaven. Chapter 11:18 tells us He is coming back to destroy those who destroy the earth. Well that’s the entire agenda of the global warming agenda, ran by bill gates who wants to put particles in the air to block out the sun because the planet is to warm- which scientists say isn’t true, we are not in need to blocking out the sun! But the Globalists, New World Order agenda is to depopulate the planet and destroy the planet. It’s obviously demonic! Satan plans to kill us and the planet! Yah is coming back to save the planet and the entire solar system at that point, I would imagine!




Revelation 13 this is the chapter where the mark of the beast is mentioned and the beast from the sea and the beast from the earth. The beast from the earth in verse 11 has tow hors like a lamb and speaks as a dragon. I think this is America. We say we are a Yah loving nation, but thy hypocrisy is overwhelming. We murder children with abortion day in and day out in this country, millions upon millions. We have a child and human trafficking government and Hollywood that abuses children, sacrifices them to the devil, and drinks their blood. Satanism is part of the new world order. There really is black magic being used today. There is also white magic if you will- power and miracles achieved by using Hebrew names of Yah. Black magic uses the same names only in the reverse for evil purposes- but there are spiritual powers at work that will be manifested in the near future. I won’t be surprised if we see giants again. I’m sure you are all aware of the Afghanistan red headed giant of Kandahar that our military encountered and killed in 2002. The soldiers reported a grey cloud of smoke oozed out of the giant’s mouth and formed into a sky demon. The demon warned the soldiers of an up-and-coming Jr. demon known as Barack Hussein Obama who would take power six years later in 2008 with a plan to destroy and bankrupt America. I don’t know if it’s true about the demon but I’m sure there are still giants dwelling in the Earth today. Well just recently they say our military encountered more giants in Afghanistan and that was part of the reason for the quick pull-out. I don’t know for sure, but I think Biden pulled out to give it all the Al Qaeda and Chinese. Biden obviously is controlled by the NWO and by China. Biden is destroying America. Our borders have been flooded by terrorist lately so when they attack it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise, right! The beast coming up out of the sea in verse one of Revelation 13, I think is Rome. Just imagine our pope and president working together to destroy probably in the name of saving the planet! So, if the mark of the beast isn’t mentioned until Revelation 13 and we have not seen the before mentioned events leading up to this, so I conclude that the book of Revelation isn’t in perfect Chronological order, at least not all of it, although parts of it may be. I think chapters 1-9 are in chronological order, but chapter 10-13 seem to fit in all over the place from the beginning of time to the end and then chapters 14-22 seem to fit the chronological order of things. So we may see some of the events of chapters 10-13 out of chronological order in my opinion. This is why we are seeing the mark of the beast in Revelation 13 being put into effect in Revelation 6 with the arrival of the 4 horses. I think Revelation 11:18 is appropriate in associating the New World Order agenda with scripture! It says He is coming to destroy those who destroy the earth! The globalists definitely have an agenda in place to destroy the earth! He will return to stop them!


Daniel 7:8 speaks of a little horn that uproots 3 horns. The beast described is just like the beast in Revelation 13:1 the beast coming out of the sea. This little horn is the New World Government it is a Tyrannical Government. The 3 horns that it uproots are the 3 forms of government in each world government today. Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism. If you think Socialism, and Communism were bad wait until you get a personal experience with Globalism!!!


Math 24:6 “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened”. In verse 9 the Messiah says that “they will deliver you to tribulation and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name and at that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. Many will be led astray with Lawlessness and the love of many will grow cold. The one who endures to the end will be saved”. But wait there’s more this is just the tribulation! The Great Tribulation has yet to come! When you see the Abomination of Desolation standing in the Kadosh Place let those who are in Judea flea for the mountains. Pray that your flight may not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath (oh look what’s still in place! Shabbat! It never changed it is the Seventh Day of the Week!) Remember they will make Sunday church a law it’s gonna be legally required and your social credit score will be dunged if you don’t go bow down to the Babylonian System! Ill not be surprised when the Sabbath, The Seventh Day Sabbath is outlawed. The Devil is ok with everything, except the right thing! Lawlessness will abound! Look at Verse 21 For then there will be a great tribulation such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor shall ever be. And unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days shall be cut short. Then the Messiah shows up to save the day! When you see the leaves on the tree you know summer is nigh! Keep Oil in you lamps and extra oil for when you run out if He tarry!!! So we see there is tribulation which is where I think we are right now coming quickly upon us all around the world and very soon in full force in America- the land that I love. Once the New World Order is Established and the tyranny is in place with everyone being forced to take the mark; there will be another Temple built. Yes I think a third Temple will be built in Jerusalem and the Sacrifices restored or at least so the Lawless One can stand in the Kadosh place and take his seat in the temple of the Creator displaying and declaring himself as being the Creator. At this point the Great Tribulation will begin, Run for the Hills if you haven’t already!!! So it gets so bad during the Great Tribulation that Those Days Are Cut Short! Maybe that’s what’s going on with the timeline on the Enoch Calendar; the calendar is accurate but if the Heavenly Father waits to send His son back to earth according to the 6000 years of mans rule, the man will perish! No one knows of that day and hour, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone! But I must declare that I see the leaves on the Fig Tree and Summer Draweth Nigh! Put Oil in your lamps and get plenty of extra Oil if He tarry, Yah be merciful to us in the end of days we beg of You!


I don’t think the Vaccine is the actual mark but it’s making a way for the mark which could actually be some chip, unless they have found a way around the chip which they may have with the vaccine, they can give you what’s need to be hooked up to the internet without a physical device. I don’t think they are putting that in the vaccines right now, I think they are only gene therapy, but that is the beginning of the process to get the mark without the chip. Who knows, I just heard today that they are going to be putting micro-chips into the vaccines. They are now going to be putting nano particles in our food and want to cut us off from meat eventually. We will have to grow our own food. If you have taken the vaccine and regret it, then I think there is still hope for you as far as it not being the mark of the beast yet and you can take some vitamins to try to combat what’s going on in your immune system and pray and cry out to the Savior to Save you and physically heal you. It’s a Spiritual battle as much as a Physical one. Take these to help prevent getting Covid: Vitamin D3, K2, C, Zinc, Quercetin to help prevent getting Covid. Povidone Iodine nasal and throat spray is 99% effective in preventing sars 2 (covid). Also Quinine oral drops to help prevent Covid. So If you are sick with Covid you can take these: Prescription Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine to help get over covid. Also MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) otherwise known as Sodium Dioxide. To make Sodium Dioxide you need Sodium Chloride mixed with Citric Acid to make Sodium Dioxide to help prevent getting Covid and to get over it. You can order this Sodium Dioxide Kit on amazon. I have all of them except the Prescription ones Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin- good luck getting those! Although I have heard there is a list of doctors and pharmacist available online that you can get these products through and mailed to you- I don’t have the list of available doctors or pharmacies sorry. If you have already taken the vaccines, you can take these to help combat it: Pomegranate, elderberry, chokeberry and green tea with egcg molecule to help combat vaccines taken. If there is a Small Pox Break out, as Gates has predicted, then there is a plant called Sarracenia Purpurea that will help get over it. I’ve gotten most this info from Doctors on Info Wars with Alex Jones and Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams on Brighteon. Dr. Zev Zelenko and Dr. Brian Ardis and Dr. Steve Kirsch and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Paul Cottrell and Dr. David Martin and Dr. Peter Breggin and Attorney Thomas Renz and Dr. Judy Mikovits. We need to make sure we have oil in our lamps and learn from the parable of the fig tree. I would suggest doing what you can to secure food for the future, seeds, trees, perennial garden, garden. Non-Perishable food that will last for a long time. I would recommend having at least enough food stored up to get you through the winter and beyond if you can. Ultimately, we have to learn to put our Trust in Yahuah and let the chips fall where they may. But do what you can to prepare for the dark winter ahead and the emergence of the Mark of the Beast which means in order to be part of society you will have to take the mark. Develop communities now, off grid that can survive together without outside resources. They are going to come for the Doctors and Scientists first, then those who they have data on that shows they won’t bow down to the system which is Babylon! They are keeping track of all of us already through social media platforms and everything you have ever done online, or on a smartphone offline as well. Don’t trust the phones, the transmitter is activated when you turn the phone off. They hear everything and have algorithms set up to red flag certain things. If you speak out against them in any way they will come for you. It’s a war against free speech and human rights but we must stand for what is right. May Yah give us the strength to endure to the end, and to endure well.


The Economic state of our country is not good. Gas prices are soaring! $4.50 a gallon here right now! They are printing money like it’s going out of style which is causing super-inflation. Their goal is to kill our Economy, not just ours either but on a global scale they are trying to destroy everyone’s economy so they will have no choice but to get on board with a one world economy ran by the IMF which is ran by the UN, and the World bank which is ran by the Pope. They want a digital drivers license with a record of vaccinations and health and religion and a social credit score. They are going to carbon tax us and restrict our every movement just like they do in China. They shut down oil, coal, put heavy restrictions on trucking in California. They have no green mechanics in place to go green. Their whole green, save the planet agenda is actually, to destroy the planet and our economy and our constitution and our human rights and freedoms. They shut down our economy, sent everyone home, and cut off our supply lines. The economy is going to crash, our dollar will be no good soon enough. It will cost a days wage for a quart of wheat right here in America! Turn your dollars into actual product before this happens! I don’t think the money in your account will be any good much longer! The market is going to crash in an instance overnight! Once Saudi Arabia decides to stop using the American dollar to trade the oil, it will be game over for the dollar! There is going to be some cyber attacks to kill small business and giver big business the monopoly. They are going to use cyber attacks to destroy bitcoin. Welcome to the Great Reset!


The Biden regime have allowed lots of illegal immigrants across our borders recently, I want to say millions but I don’t know the roundabout number. I don’t know how many thousands of Afghanistan terrorists came over unvetted, but if they give each one who got separated from their kids under the Trump regime $450,000 then they will be funded as well! Mobs of immigrants flowing through American cities destroying them and raping our women! The southern border is infiltrated! And Biden wants more to come!


Parents, it’s time to remove your children from public schools and Christian Universities! They are brainwashing your children. The goal is to lead them astray from the truth! They are teaching perverted sexual material. From Fisting to f—king. sorry for the vulgarity but ya’ll need to be woken up! That’s Kindergarten and First grade material!!! The transgender, transhuman, homosexual predators are in charge of the doctrine that is being taught to our kids. If they are white they are being taught to hate themselves. If they are not white they are being taught to hate white people. They are calling trees racist. Critical race theory is garbage. Girls are being raped by men in their bathrooms now and it’s ok legally. The days of Noah were probably not even this bad. You need to teach your kids, be very careful with social media platforms- this is another means through which kids are being attacked spiritually and mentally- they may seem innocent, but I guarantee you no man who has an ounce of integrity and worked on these platforms lets their kids on them because they know how evil it can be. There is an evil agenda for stealing our children, plus the schools are literally turning into vaccine clinics- just sending your kid to school is considered consent to the death jab!!! Bo Yahusha Bo!

The Disciple Making Pastor

Ken Jenkerson

11/13/21 A.D / 8/30/5946 A.M.

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