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I hope you find these links helpful. These are just a few of my favorite and highly recommended websites!

I have a lot of respect for the man behind this ministry 'The Seed of Abraham'. His name is Avram Yehoshua, and he is full of the wisdom of Yahuah. He has always responded to my questions promptly, and even corrected me on some of my actions. I highly recommed his website. I am particulary fond of the pdf's he has on Hebrews and the change of the law, and gentile circumcision. He has a book called lifting the veil, which is very good and useful to give to christians to show them the law is not done away with. I think you will find his teachings very insightful.

Avi has the best commentary on the book of Galatians that I have ever come across. It is a must read for everyone who struggles to understand what Paul is talking about in the book of Galatians. Avi also has a DVD on the book of Galatians. I actually haven't read the book, but saw the dvd. It is extremely insightful. I would encourage christians to watch this as well, it will shed much light on the misinterpretations of Pauls writings.

Michael Rood has a book called the 'Chronological Gospels. It is also referred to as the 70 week ministry of Messiah, which debunks the catholic doctrine of a 3 year ministry of Messiah. It is also called CKJV - Corrected King James Version. This collection of work embodied in this book is well worth it! I also recommend using a Michael Rood Calendar which is based off the actual sighting of the new moon, rather than the rabbinical calendar which very rarely lines up with the actual New Moon sighting in the land of Israel.

Psalm 119 Ministries | Brad Scott, Wildbranch Ministry | New 2 Torah
Yahweh's Restoration Ministry | 2 Letter Lookup | Blue Letter Lexicon Bible
Jeff Benners Ancient Hebrew

Hebrew for Christians is a christianized website but helpful in searching out the Hebrew language.

Lew White has some amazing material! If you are interested in learning about Pagan Origins, or the Name of the Father and His Son, or Hebrew words such as Natzarim and Besorah. Enjoy!
Torah Institute | Torah Zone

Solar Calendar

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