Word Definitions

The goal here with word definitions is to define words Scripturally, and to understand what these words meant to the Disciples of Yahusha and the first century congregation! With a clear understanding of the definition of these words we will be more diligent in correctly interpreting the Scriptures. Hermeneutics is the process of allowing scripture to interpret scripture, therefore; we will allow scripture to define these words!

Words included in this PDF are Torah, Sin, Scriptures, Truth, Wisdom, Word, Freedom, Faith, Light, Wickedness, Unrighteousness, Iniquity, Unprincipled, Repentance, righteousness, Darkness, Gospel. If there are more words you are interested in defining according to the bible please let me know.

Word Definitions Name of the Father and Son

Natsarim: I think the original followers of Yahusha (the disciples/talmidim) were called Natsarim; therefore Natsarim being the most Scripturally correct term for a follower of Yahusha the Son of Yahuah. Yahusha himself was a Natsarim. The word Natsarim means Guardians of Torah, or watchman of the Covenant ! H5341 Natsar = to guard, protect, maintain, obey, watchmen. To watch, guard, or keep Torah or the Covenant! Dueteronomy 33:9 "...They observed (shamar) Thy Word, and kept (Natsar) Thy Covenant." Psalm 105:45 "that they might observe (shamar) His statutes and keep (Natsar) His Torah. Praise ye Yahuah!" Also in Acts 24:5 we see Paul being referred to as a Nazarene. Paul was not a Nazerene from Nazareth. Rather Paul was a Natsarim, a guardian of Torah! The Greek word used here is G3480 Nazoraios and is called by extension a Christian. Natsarim are believers in Yahusha the Son of Yahuah, and guardians of Torah; and watchment of the covenant- just as Paul and the talmadim (disciples) were. Yahusha is the righteous Branch or the Vine, and we are the branches- Jn.15:5. Isaiah 11:1 speaks of a branch coming forth from Jesse. This Branch is H5342 a Netser coming from the root H5341 a Natsar. This is a reference to Yahusha the Branch being a Natsar. Natsarim is simply plural of Natsar. Yahusha was a Natsarim and so are His followers!

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